Discover the rich history and savoury traditions at Swiss Chalet® that have delighted Canadian families for generations.

1950s & 1960s

The first Swiss Chalet® restaurant opened at 234 Bloor Street West in Toronto in 1954

Fun facts:

  • Our founder was inspired by the Swiss method of cooking chickens, roasting chickens on a spit over an open flame.
  • Our first location on Bloor Street featured exposed-beam ceilings in the "Chalet" style, carved dark-wood paneling, wooden ceiling beams, and windows with frilly curtains.
  • Our top-secret Chalet Sauce recipe was born, and quickly became a Canadian favourite!
  • We didn't serve our food with cutlery! Your server brought you a finger bowl to clean your hands.
  • We had a sign at the door, telling Guests whether we had small or large chickens that day.


Delivery Arrived! Canadians could now get Swiss Chalet® delivered to their doorstep

Fun facts:

  • Delivery was done out of the restaurant office. A hostess answered the phone, and wrote the order down by hand.
  • Swiss Chalet® opened in Rochester and Buffalo in 1973 & in Egypt in 1978.


Swiss Chalet® added BBQ Ribs to the menu in 1982 and debuted the Festive Special® in 1987

Fun facts:

  • Swiss Chalet® opened in Florida, ready for the snowbirds!


Swiss Chalet® restaurants were specially renovated with new decor, and the Brand got a new logo!

Fun facts:

  • Swiss Chalet® opened a location in Prague, Czech Republic in 1991.

2000s & 2010s

Swiss Chalet® expanded the menu and brought our family favourites to a grocery store near you

Fun facts:

  • Welcomed Canadian AAA Rotisserie Beef to the menu.
  • We tested other new menu items like Chicken Stir Fry, Quesadilla, even All-You-Can-Eat Fries!
  • Swiss Chalet® Smoky BBQ Back Ribs claimed #1 spot in the category across grocery stores in Canada.
  • Brand Mascot 'Dippy' became part of the Swiss Chalet® family.


Launched Chicken Strips in grocery stores and became the first restaurant brand in this category.

Swiss Chalet® continues to open new restaurants and renovate beloved locations, to continue to serve Canadians for many years to come!