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Full Rack</br>Back Ribs

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Full Rack
Back Ribs

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If you can’t get enough of ribs, a full rack of our New pork Back Ribs is a great start. Shorter bones and leaner, tender meat bring that juicy flavour, that satisfies even the greatest carnivorous cravings. Three sauce options make a great excuse to try another bite. 

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The following nutritional values only apply to the main feature in this dish*:

Full Rack BBQ Back Ribs
[with Smoky BBQ Sauce]
311 920 58 22 0.5 240 1390 34 2 20 61

The following allergens are found in the main feature in this dish*:

Peanuts Milk Shellfish Sulphites
Tree Nuts Eggs Soy Sesame
Fish Gluten        

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  • Side Caesar Salad
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