There’s nothing else like Swiss Chalet.

Since our restaurant doors first opened in 1954, Canadian families have been coming back to Swiss Chalet generation after generation. While some things have changed, our secret recipes have remained as true as ever. In a world all about the hustle and bustle, it’s good to know that you can always find delicious comfort at your local Swiss Chalet restaurant.

It all starts with our Rotisserie Chicken

It’s our pride and joy! We only use fresh, grain-fed, preservative-free chickens, raised by a Canadian Farmer. With only a teaspoon of salt added, we then put our chickens in our rotisserie ovens and slow-roast them to tender, juicy perfection every time.

raised by a canadian farmer

And Smoky BBQ Ribs

We lovingly marinate our ribs for over 24 hours in-restaurant, but only after we dry-rub them with our signature smoky mesquite spice. Then we slow-cook them, brushing each rib tender with our unique Smoky BBQ sauce. From the grill to your plate! Get the finger bowls ready!


Paired with our Famous Fresh-Cut Fries

We treat humble potatoes like royalty. After all, who scrubs, soaks, blanches and then gives their potatoes a rest before they’re freshly cooked to order? Hey, it might seem a little over the top, but when it comes to taste, some traditions are worth the hassle.


And our one and only Chalet Sauce!

It’s that famous Swiss Chalet taste, made from our super-secret recipe (passed down through generations). It’s simmered slowly to perfection every day for that tangy taste of comfort. Whether you’re a dunker, dipper, drowner, donator or drinker, there’s nothing else like it.

chalet sauce