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Making mealtime with friends and family easier and more efficient!


A new feature on our mobile app and website, making it easier for groups to place an order together.
Get a unique link, everyone adds what they want to the cart, and have it delivered or picked up at the same place. No hassle!

Placing a group order is easy!


Choose the order date and time


Set a spending limit (optional)


Share the link with your group


Everyone add their items to one cart


Review the full order and pay


Group order is available for pickup or delivery, through the mobile app or

No, only the person that started the group order (the admin) can see everyone’s orders. Your friends can only see their own orders.

Yes, if you are the person who started the group order (the admin), you can add or remove friends from the group order. Add more friends by sharing the link to the group order. Remove friends before you complete the order and checkout. Your friends can also remove themselves from the order as long as it’s before you complete the order checkout.

No, the link that the admin sends will take you to the group order, but you won’t have to make an account.

Yes! You can edit your individual order until the admin has locked in the entire order. At that point, no one is able to change their orders, no more guests can be added to the order, and the order setup can no longer be changed.

If you are an invitee, please contact the admin to help you out! If you are the admin and you or one of your friends would like to change their order after check out, please contact the call center and be ready to provide your order number, which can be found in your order confirmation email.

Yes, but only the admin is able to add the coupon to the order. The CAA discount is applicable to group orders.

Two things could have happened.
1: Your group took too long to place the order or
2: your group order is too large and the restaurant will need more time to prepare your food.

Unfortunately no. Currently, the group order will be charged to one person - the admin. They can then coordinate any split payment requirements on their own. The split payment feature is something we will take into consideration for future app updates.

Unfortunately, that’s currently beyond our app capabilities and you will have to create a separate order. We will be taking this into consideration in our next app updates.