Bringing you Chalet favourites, the WW way.
Now with SmartPoints® for all three myWW+ plans!

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Enjoy your Chalet favourites,
the WW way

WW® and Swiss Chalet® want to help you on your health journey, so our chefs have curated full meals for you! Not in the mood to cook? Swiss Chalet® makes it easy for you to choose where to get takeout or delivery. We made sure that each WW item on our menu is listed with the SmartPoints value associated to it, so you can enjoy your favourite Swiss Chalet® dinner while staying on track.

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

All WW® menu items now feature a selection of drinks. Choose from bubly lime, bubly cherry, Montellier, and Aquafina to complete your delicious and wholesome meal. Might we we add, they're all valued at 0 SmartPoints® for all three myWW+ plans!

SmartPoints Values

Looking to keep SmartPoints low? We created these meals to ensure the SmartPoints fit your budget while still tasting great! For more information about SmartPoints, click below.


WW (formerly Weight Watchers) is an international weight loss and wellness service using science-backed strategies to help members lose weight. With more than 60 years of efficacy, WW continues to be a leader in proven weight loss. To find out more about WW please visit

Our WW menu offerings can be enjoyed by everyone! If you would like to sign up to be a WW member, please go to

Our WW menu offerings are back and better than ever! This time around, we have focused on making your Chalet favourites WW friendly without compromising a great tasting meal. This means that rotisserie dinners now include the skin and our Signature Dipping Chalet Sauce as a default. Plus, they are now bundled with your choice of a WW-friendly selection of thrist quenching beverages - bubly, Montellier, and Aquafina!

Our WW menu items are available for orders placed through our mobile app, online at, or by phone. If you're dining in with us, or walking in for takeout, the WW combo items are not available just yet. We are working hard to make these menu items available through all of our channels in the near future. Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are a WW member you can use the WW app to check the SmartPoints values and track your meal. Enjoy!

All WW menu items on our mobile app and include their respective SmartPoints right on the image. The SmartPoints values are also listed in the description of each menu item. Please note that these SmartPoints are for the meal exactly shown in the photo and do not include modifications - which can impact total SmartPoints values. For more information, please visit

Our 4oz Signature Chalet Dipping Sauce has a SmartPoints value of 1 across all myWW+ plans. This is the portion included in all WW menu items.

Our new WW menu offerings now include the skin and our Signature Chalet Dipping Sauce as a default. They do not include a dinner roll. If you would like to add a dinner roll to your order, you can find it listed in our "Extra Sides & Sauces" category. Addition of a roll will increase the SmartPoints value.

Nutritional information varies depending on your meal modifications, such as what you choose for your side or salad dressing. For the most accurate information, please fill out our contact form here, and we will be able to help you with the specific information you need.