Posted June 17, 2020



Dear Valued Guests,


We exist to serve you and your family - and we’ve missed you! Our teams have been working hard to prepare our dining rooms to welcome you home again, and we’re excited to share those re-opening plans with you.


Over the past few months, we’ve been touched by your overwhelming support. Thank you for continuing to support our local franchisees and small business owners through our trusted take-out, drive-thru, curbside pick-up, and contactless delivery channels. We are honoured to bring comfort and joy to your mealtimes.

Now, we’re carefully opening our dining rooms region by region, in accordance with provincial health guidelines. Please visit our locations page to check if your local restaurant is now open.


As we open, safety will continue to be our top priority. Here’s what we’re doing to meet and exceed official provincial health requirements, and keep everyone safe.


  • Safety Training - Our teams will complete both online certification and in-person safety training.

  • Wellness Checks - Our teams will have temperature and wellness checks every shift, and will not work if showing any symptoms of illness. Though we pride ourselves on welcoming all Guests, those who show symptoms will also not be able to dine with us.

  • Masks - Our teams will wear masks where physical distancing is not possible, or protective barriers are not in place, and follow strict personal hygiene standards.

  • Handwashing & Hand Sanitizer - Our teams will follow frequent and thorough handwashing protocols. Hand sanitizer will be provided for all Guests.

  • Cleaning & Sanitation - We will continue to reinforce our already rigorous cleaning and sanitation standards, with an added focus on all high-touch surfaces.

  • Physical Distancing - Single-use recyclable menus will also be provided in lieu of our standard menus.

  • Cleared Tables - Condiments and other tabletop items will be removed from our tables, instead condiments will be available upon request.

  • Contactless Payment - We encourage all Guests to pay with credit, debit, or gift cards over cash.


On behalf of the entire Swiss Chalet Team, thank you for your trust. While many things have changed, our core values have not. We’re honoured to continue to be a source of comfort for all Canadians.


We look forward to serving you and your family again soon. If you aren’t quite ready to visit us again, we will be ready when you are. Welcome home!



ron signature

Ron Simard
COO, Swiss Chalet




An Update For Our Valued Guests

Posted Wednesday March 18, 2020



For 65 years, the health and safety of our Guests, Associates, Franchisees, and communities has been our top priority.

Through this time, we look forward to serving you and your family with our trusted take-out, pick-up, drive-thru, and delivery channels.  We have introduced further safety precautions to limit the interactions between Guests and Associates, including new contactless delivery and curbside pick-up services.


NEW! Contactless Delivery

  • Request Contactless Delivery, when you pay and tip ahead 

  • We encourage all Guests to avoid paying at the door during this time


How to Use Contactless Delivery when ordering

  • By phone, specify the safe place where you would like your Driver to drop off your order.

  • By mobile app/website, edit your desired drop-off location and instructions. 

Here’s how: Settings (gears icon) > “My Account” > “Preferred Delivery Address” > “Edit” > “Instructions”. Please be specific about your desired drop off location and instructions. 


NEW! Curbside Pick-Up 

  • Order and pay-ahead and have curbside pick-up! 

  • When you arrive, look for our curbside number posted on our door, call to announce your arrival and we’ll be right out. 


Sealed Food Bags

  • We continue to seal our take-out, pick-up, and delivery bags. Plastic bags will be tied tightly to reduce unnecessary exposure and contact. Paper bags will be sealed with a sticker.

  • If your order arrives without these safeguards, please call us toll-free at 1-866-439-0439 or 416-439-0439.


We Encourage All Guests To Go Cashless

  • As always, we have pre-payment options available to reduce physical cash or payment terminals changing hands. 

  • Ordering by mobile app/website, during the check-out process select “Pay Now” to add your credit card details. 

  • Ordering by phone, ask your friendly customer service agent to add a credit card to your Account. 


To our Associates, thank you for your ongoing passion and service to our Brand - we will continue to support and advocate for you throughout this process. To our Franchisees, thank you for continuing to serve our communities with dedication and perseverance. To our Guests, thank you for your continued support - we look forward to bringing some joy to your mealtime. 


The Swiss Chalet Team




Navigating through COVID-19

Posted Friday March 13, 2020



To our Valued Guests,

We are watching closely as the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve. I wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know what we’re doing to manage and combat this or any other virus.

The health and safety of our Guests and Teammates continues to be our highest priority

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our Guests, as well as our Teammates and those in our network including our suppliers and delivery partners. We have been in regular communication with all of our teams across our network around the following protocols that support everyone’s health and wellbeing:

  • Reinforcing our already rigorous standards and operating procedures for food safety and personal hygiene.
  • Working closely with our delivery partners and our own network of drivers to ensure frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizer for every delivery and sanitizing their vehicles and delivery bags.
  • Continual sanitation of all high touch surfaces in our restaurants including seats, tables, menus, pay pads, etc.

We are following the guidance of government and health authorities

In early January, we established a task force to monitor the situation, ensuring that our standards were being strictly adhered to and that we had the right action plans in place. Our approach has been one of swift, measured action. We are closely following the direction of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which maintains a low public health risk advisory for Canada at this time. And with several restaurants around the Globe, our international locations are being guided by their local governments, along with our support.

We are also monitoring our teams’ health very closely and have put support systems in place to help anyone who may become affected by the virus so their number one focus is getting better.

We are committed to delivering excellent guest experiences, regardless of how you choose to dine with us

If you see our team wiping down payment terminals, cash registers, countertops and door handles, please know this is an effort to reduce any risk. As the situation evolves, you may see our restaurants implementing new measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. We will continue to do everything we can, always with the goal of creating the best guest experience possible and to give you and our teams peace of mind, regardless of how you choose to dine with us; through our dining rooms, take-out or delivery.

For 137 years, Canadians have been placing their trust in us. We take that very seriously and will never do anything to violate that trust.

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Frank Hennessey
CEO, Recipe Unlimited Corporation